Can Dick and Beaver come out to play?

The Casablancas Boys.

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Dick and Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas are the privileged sons of 09'erdom. Big house, lap of luxury, large trust funds, but two very different boys.


Dick: "Okay, dudes, Dick Casablancas here. Senior at Neptune High. Completely bachelorized with a sweet mansion, stack of Benjamins and a Play Station. I have a geeky little brother who seems to follow me where ever I go. That pretty much sucks. On the other hand, I like things that begin with the letter b: blowjobs, booze, boobs, bitches, blonds and babes."

Beaver: "Hey. I'm Cassidy. I guess I would have to say that I'm the smart Casablancas brother, but anyone is smart compared to Dick. I like entrepunerial enterprises, European travel and the Dune series. Dick says I'm a geek, but then again, not really a very cultured boy, that one."


"Dick: Don't make me go in there and get all Ordinary People on you, Beav.

Beaver: The older brother drowns, dumbass."

Dick Jr. and Cassidy belong to Mr. Thomas.

They are played for rp purposes only by sodapopprincess.